The 2017 academic year marks the launch of EDGE, a new course intended mainly for second-year students in the Faculty of Commerce and Management. The objective of EDGE is to equip students who have already completed the compulsory first-year PACE course with more advanced proficiency in communicative English. Like the first-year PACE, it features small class sizes and intensive instruction. EDGE is a compulsory course for students in the Shibusawa Scholars Program. If a student achieves above 100 in the TOEFL iBT, s/he will be exonerated from taking EDGE classes.

Students not enrolled in the Shibusawa Scholar Program can also take EDGE. It promises a valuable opportunity to gain a higher level of English proficiency, particularly for students hoping to study abroad during their time at Hitotsubashi, those who plan to go on to MBA or doctoral-level studies overseas after graduation, and those who aspire to working in international business.

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(added on 1st of Sep., 2017)

Online Registration Lottery will be done in Autumn and Winter semesters if possible participants reach more than maximum enrollment 18.