Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars

  • Shohei Okamoto

    To survive.

  • Tokio Yamaguchi

    I want to broaden my horizon through experience in SSP and improve my ability.

  • Kaoru Asano

    I want to communicate in English fluently. Through learning commerce in English, I want to get more knowledge and viewpoints.

  • Natsuo Yamashita

    I want to improve my English skills and actively tell my ideas.

  • Mayu Suzuki

    I am eager to be inspired by the intelligent and ambitious students around me. I would like to learn to speak up to the world.

  • Han Zhang

    Since I wanted to study abroad, I’m very excited to make the most of this opportunity of SSP as an entire process of the combination of studying abroad and the fantastic classes of SSP.

  • Takahiro Segawa

    I’d like to be a global business person with philosophy.

  • Yuki Makita

    First of all, thanks to the great environment and members. And find what I really want to do through SSP and swear to grow much more.

  • Weizhen Ren

    Studying with excellent classmates in Shibusawa program, I hope I can equip with the capability and qualities to be a global leader.

  • Shugo Furugane

    I want to improve my English skill in this program by discussion and seminar. Also, I hope to broaden my world by expressing opinions and receiving the others’ words. And I manage to understand foreign cultures by taking part in the studying abroad program.

  • Yuto Nishioka

    I apply this program for improving my English ability and studying commerce harder. I expect to make good relationships with other ambitious SSP students.

  • Takumi Minegishi

    I guess I’ve got a great opportunity to improve my ability and broaden my view. So I want to make the best of this opportunity.

  • Yuya Mikome

    Enjoy and learn everything.

  • Tomoyoshi Inagawa

    I hope that I will be a global leader who support a lot of people through this program.

  • Haiqing Lang

    I want to widen my possibility through taking courses with all the ambitious SSP students.