Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars

  • SSP class of 2018

  • Takatoshi Nakamura

    I would like to become successful globally.

  • Mayu Kobayashi

    I’d like to think about what a global leader is and what I need to improve to be a global leader, and to grow up with other enthusiastic students.

  • Yuto Suzuki

    I would like to be an influential person.

  • Koki Kyoshima

    I will learn a lot from new encounters and experiences through this program. I would like to be a global leader.

  • Hitomi Suzuki

    I want to get out from my comfort zone. To do that, I’m going to study hard with other students and enjoy this program!!

  • Tamako Nakashima

    I will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and work even harder.

  • Yuki Oshida

    I would like to get out of comfort zone and fully improve myself.

  • Tokio Inomata

    I look forward to the healthy competition with many intelligent and eager students to realize ambitious learning goals.

  • Xinyu Ren

    I want to emulate the members of SSP program. And 10 years later, I hope we could work on a global scale.

  • Hideto Takahashi

    Through this program, I would like to improve my English skills and try to be a globally active person.

  • Kazutora Akabori

    Through this program, I would like to acquire a lot of knowledge and experience for realizing my dream “be a person who can be active in the world.”

  • Yuji Yoshikawa

    I would like to improve English skills and develop my intellect through this program.

  • Yuki Iwasaki

    I look forward to the healthy competition with many outstanding students. I will challenge a variety of things out of my comfort zone.

  • Aya Iihoshi

    I’ll do my best and enjoy this program more than anyone else!!!

  • Nami Okajima

    I believe that SSP will be a great adventure in my life. I will make efforts to be a warm-hearted person who can communicate with people all over the world.

  • Rin Ichise

    I will work step by step towards achieving my goals.

  • Tomoaki Saito

    I would like to contribute to society.

  • Yuta Shimohara

    I would like to enjoy this program.

  • Yosuke Aikawa

    I would like to improve my intelligence and English skills and to have a lot of experience. Also, I would like to make friends who can respect each other. Let’s talk honestly and help each other even though we graduate.