Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The following courses provide the core elements of the Shibusawa Scholar Program (as of April, 2020).

Courses taken in second year Courses taken in third/fourth year
Shibusawa Scholar SeminarⅠ&Ⅱ Introduction to Global Leadership
Interactive Courses on Business Basics Intermediate Courses in Management
EDGE Advanced Courses in Management
Special Topics on Management

【Courses taken in second year】

(1) Shibusawa Scholar Seminar I and II
These are small-group seminar classes in which students polish their skills of discussion and writing in English. The classes involve intensive reading, writing and discussion on issues such as global leadership and international management. Topics addressed in the seminars include corporate social responsibility in a global context, management of multinational corporations, international management strategy, and global business skills development.

(2) Interactive courses on Business Basics (Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance)
In order to make the most of their study abroad at third year level, students must be able to take the initiative to express their own opinions and ideas in an interactive classroom setting. These courses in Business Basics are taught on an intensive and interactive basis in an English-language medium. As well as imparting fundamental knowledge in management, marketing, accounting, and finance, the courses provide opportunities for discussion in English with students from beyond Japan in order to develop students’ ability to communicate pro-actively.

(3) EDGE
Please see the “EDGE” page for details.

【Courses taken in third and fourth years】

(1) Introduction to Global Leadership
This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and logical thinking skills required in order to tackle challenges arising at the front lines of global business, such as how to manage organizations composed of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and how best to achieve the goals of such organizations. The content of this course will ultimately help students to become aware of and receptive to diversity; that is, to develop a global mindset.

(2) Intermediate and Advanced Courses in Management (Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance)
This is a set of intermediate and advanced level undergraduate courses on key areas in commerce and management studies. The aim is to augment the knowledge students gained in the second year level Interactive Courses on Business Basics.

(3) Special Topics on Management
Classes in this course focus on several specialized topics in commerce and management. Some classes use interactive formats such as discussion and group reading of English texts, rather than the regular lecture format.