Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars


  • SSP class of 2014

  • Seitaro Ishihama

    I look forward to the healthy competition with many outstanding fellow students. I will be doing my best to make a positive contribution to the program.

  • Motohisa Ono

    I will approach the classes and other experiences offered in the program with no fear of failure. I hope to acquire a wealth of new knowledge and insight, and develop a strong network of personal connections.

  • Damil Kim

    My colleagues in this program have wonderful abilities and ways of thinking. I want to make the most of the opportunity to learn together and engage in open discussion with them.

  • Ruka Kushibiki

    I will try my best to be an active participant in discussions, not worrying about mistakes, and contributing just as much as the international students and returnee students who are fluent in English. As one of the inaugural Shibusawa Scholars, I will endeavour to make a positive contribution to my university, to Japan, and to the wider world.

  • Naoki Kouno

    I believe that in order to become a global leader capable of playing a guiding role in the field of accounting in Japan, I will need not only expertise in accounting, but also linguistic proficiency and a diverse range of communicative skills. I hope to develop these skills through my participation in the Shibusawa Scholar Program.

  • Seito Shiozawa

    Aware that Hitotsubashi University has put its trust in me, I will devote myself to my studies and aim to launch a global career in social entrepreneurship from here in Japan. I will work step by step towards achieving that aim, with a solid grasp of the present and my sights set on the future.

  • Satoko Shinjo

    Through stimulating classes and interaction with highly motivated classmates, I aim to grow into someone who can make a positive contribution to society through business, just like Eiichi Shibusawa. I will strive to develop a capacity to exercise leadership in today’s rapidly globalizing society.

  • Yuma Nagae

    I think my English proficiency level is lower than any of my fellow scholars, so it may be difficult for me to be a trailblazer, by I will do my best to participate in discussions and play a leadership role.

  • Hiromi Nakano

    In order to live up to the title of ‘Ambassador’, I will take each element of my studies seriously and purposefully, and share my experiences with those around me.

  • Yu Nato

    I hope to develop stronger consciousness through participation in this program. I have great respect for the potential I see in other scholars on the program, and am excited by the opportunity to participate. I think we can help each other grow through healthy competition in the seminars and classes we take together.

  • Akihiro Matsuda

    I hope to study in Germany, and then to start my own business using the experience I gain on the Shibusawa Scholar Program.

  • Yue Chen

    I hope to develop a logical approach and the capacity to solve problems in both commerce and wider society.

  • Jiyeon Pyo

    I’m off to study overseas! I’ll do my best to promote the program and make it more competitive next year.