Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars


  • SSP class of 2020

  • Hodaka Hayashi

    I am worried about whether or not I can catch up those difficult English class contents. However, I would like to get good influence from the excellent students around me. Also, I would like to learn not only English ability and commerce knowledge but also how to use them in practice.

  • Isamu Igaki

    I will do my best on this program, and not lose to ambitious classmates.

  • Yutaka Koga

    I want to know how well I can cope with the different environment of studying in English. It’s hard to predict the future, but I want to feel I’ve achieved something in the university.

  • Reina Esaki

    I think Shibusawa Scholar Program offer classes on commerce and are held in high level English (though students are non-native speakers,) so it is the best environment for students who prepare for exchange program. I would like to get through a lot of courses in English that I am not used to with my friends in the program.

  • Kyoka Anzai

    I study with always considering how I can be a global leader.

  • Ryoto Shiga

    This is a good opportunity to improve myself, so I will keep trying my best positively.

  • Juna Kushio

    Friends belonging to SSP are so Intelligent and have a uniqueness, so they are good stimulation for me. By acquiring English skills and business knowledge, I hope we can be the global leaders even if we can’t do it alone.

  • Daehyeok Lee

    I enjoy studying with students from Hitotsubashi University and other universities. If possible, I would like to go to Harvard on the Global Leader Training Program and hope that the SSP will help me prepare for that.

  • Hiromu Yabuki

    Now that I have been elected to one of the SSP students, I will try my best to learn as much as possible from the SSP classes and interactions with my classmates. Also, I am not good at communicating in English, especially speaking, so I want to overcome it through SSP.

  • Keisuke Ariki

    There are two things I want to learn through SSP program. First, I want to improve my English. In order to succeed in this era, an ability to speak English is necessary. And I think such capacity building is done efficiently while I am an undergraduate. Second, I’d like to acquire leadership abilities to become a business leader in the future. I believe the contents SSP offers contribute to this goal.

  • Taku Matsumoto

    I want to become a Venture Capitalist.

  • Yasufumi Ono

    Without missing opportunities to improve myself, I’ll learn about anything and everything greedily with other SSP members. In addition, I’ll be a leader who can manage a team whose members have different ideas and values.