Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars


  • SSP class of 2021

  • Sumire Usui

    I would like to obtain a broader perspective by getting different points of view from my fellow students. Throughout studying abroad, I am looking forward to observing how other countries see Japan in an economic way.

  • Natsue Kaku

    Aim higher.

  • Yuriko Takahashi

    I will study passionately with the class members, who hold great ambitions. Also, I will jump out of my comfort zone and venture to go into a new world with no hesitation.

  • Yuri Masudo

    I am looking forward to studying business in English. I also want to learn many things through interacting with motivated people in this program.

  • Rio Yamada

    I would like to absorb many things from talented students with diverse ideas and do my best to influence others. Through SSP, I would like to acquire the ability required to contribute to the international society in the future.

  • Xiaochen Wang

    I want to step out of my comfort zone, facing more challenges. And I am looking forward to make new friends within this program.

  • Soma Kado

    Through this program, I would like to be inspired by classmates and have a positive impact on them. Also, I would like to improve my English skills and the knowledge on commerce and management so that I will maximize learning while studying abroad.

  • Nanoka Yoshizumi

    I want to learn new things and think about others/different cultures, and I want to be a person who can make a culture of openness and trust. I will make my best effort to achieve the ideal.

  • Arisa Hazama

    Through interactions with classmates, I’d like to broaden my horizon and think about social problems deeply and widely. I also want to gain English ability to express my opinion accurately.

  • Rinnosuke Nagamatsu

    I know the participants in the program are clever but I will try not to be overwhelmed and stay active.

  • Mayu Iwasaki

    The SSP program looked so attractive because I thought that it would broaden my horizon. I’ll do my best to get closer to my goal.

  • Kento Suzuki

    As the concept of SSP, “Stepping out of the comfort zone,” I believe that people grow the most when they challenge unfamiliar things and come to be able do those. Through this program, I will extend the boundaries of what is feasible for me and prepare to become a global leader.

  • Haruki Okawa

    I applied for SSP in order to improve my skills adequate for studying abroad or other borderless activities. Because I passed the selection, I will do my best.

  • Ayano Minowada

    I look forward to aiming for the out of comfort zone and the healthy competition with highly motivated classmates. I would like to keep a positive attitude with no fear of failure.

  • Ryoma Naoe

    I will keep looking at things through bug’s, a bird’s, and fish’s eye view and strive to make this program an asset to myself and others.

  • Shiho Katsuki

    I would like to do my best to keep up with the ambitious SSP students and keep challenging to achieve my goals.

  • Kosei Wada

    I would like to get out of the risk-averse mindset and work with a positive attitude. Though I’m not very good at English and I am worried that I will end up failing, I would like to keep at it despite my inability.

  • Ema Nakatsuka

    I would like to grow up to be a person who can play an active role in the international arena while being inspired by my highly motivated and talented SSP classmates.

  • Fumika Ukegawa

    I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the SSP classes, but I will not waste the opportunity and will do my best to absorb as much as I can.

  • Tetsushi Abe

    I will work hard to improve myself and realize my ideal future image through friendly competition with my excellent classmates.

  • Rintaro Yone

    I am grateful to have this wonderful environment and will do my best.

  • Hiro Murabayashi

    I want to overcome my weakness of being afraid to get out of my comfort zone and keep challenging myself forward. I will keep working on this without compromise until I am satisfied with the results.