Shibusawa Scholar

The Shibusawa Scholars

  • SSP class of 2022

  • Keita Sato

    As stated “stepping out of my comfort zone”, I would like to actively challenge myself even if it is something I am not good at, and experience a view like I have never seen before and a sense of accomplishment in the best environment and with the best classmates.

  • Naeun Kim

    I’ll try my best to reach my potential !

  • Yoshiaki Abe

    By learning specialised subjects in English, I want to deepen my knowleadge and apply it to the whole world.

  • Gentaro Fujita

    Think Globally,  Act Locally.

  • Kento Shishido

    While working hard with my excellent classmates to inspire each other,  I will make every effort to grow significantly by getting out of my comfort zone.

  • Mina Ota

    Not only improving my academic English level, but also enhancing my leadership skills in bringing people from diverse backgrounds together.

  • Runa Hayakawa

    I would like to expand my own horizons and grow through the various activities at SSP.

  • Aya Miyazawa

    I hope we inspire each other to improve. Though this program is a great challenge for me, I want to do my best to go through with it.

  • Sae Maeda

    I’m gonna fully enjoy this program and do my best for a better future.

  • Zhimei Wang

    It would be a great chance for me to study with people who have strong ambitions and aspirations. At the same time, I am eager to try my best to overcome all the obstacles and step out of my comfort zone in the SSP. With the goal of becoming a business person who can be active on the international stage, I would like to dedicate myself to my study and tap my potential.

  • Hajime Inoue

    I would like to be a bridge between Japan and world, so I will try to study hard and interact with the other people in order to adopt the awareness of global citizenship.

  • Shinnosuke Yoshida

    Aim for the stars!!

  • Seunghyeon Song

    By taking the English courses offered to me by SSP, I am hopeful that I will be able to take my proficiency in the language to the next level. In addition to this, in this age of globalization and diversification where communication is a must, I am confident that the experience and knowledge I gain from this program will enable me to connect with people from various backgrounds and equip me with the skillsets I need to survive in today’s competitive job market.

  • Lee Jaecheol

    It is my hope to grow up to be a person who can not only pursue but also to achieve my goals no matter the circumsatances given, with the advantages of the fine academic courses and opportunities provided by Shibusawa Scholar Program.

  • Ryoichiro Ota

    I know this program requires a lot of hard work , however, I would like to do my best!!